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I am Mistress Muna – a charismatic woman and classic mistress with empathy and joy in BDSM from beautiful Vienna: warm and sadistic, decisive yet empathetic, understanding, friendly, patient yet also very direct and consistent!

After my successful time as manager of the BDSM club „No Limits“ in Vienna I now offer independent workshops on various topics like spanking to help other people to expand their skills in BDSM and to gain new experiences.

My focus is to guide and support my workshop participants on an emotional and physical level. In my workshops on spanking, I share my experiences and techniques to help others expand their skills in the field of BDSM. I place great emphasis on open and honest communication in order to build a respectful and trusting relationship with my participants.

I am passionate about helping others deepen their BDSM practices and expand their boundaries. In doing so, I work closely with my participants to provide them with a safe and consensual environment in which they can live out their deepest desires. I am proud to contribute to making BDSM an enriching and fulfilling experience for more and more people.

Contact: munaherrin@gmail.com